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SUMMER CLEANING: How to clean your family home

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

image of how to clean your home
How to clean your home

Summer is here and this is the time where we want to go out and enjoy the weather, go on holiday but it's also the time where it's most important to keep your home clean.

Now, let's be honest, cleaning is not the most fun activity but it is important for a healthy home especially if you have a family or loved ones living with you.

We interviewed one of our cleaning experts and asked what tips would they recommend for cleaning a home during the summer and this is what she said:

5 tips for how to clean your home during the summer:

1. Dust and hoover regularly: In summer due to the weather most people are likely to leave their windows open and this allows dust to blow into the home and settle, but not just dust... pollen!

According to the BBC hay fever is one of the most common allergies in the UK, affecting around 13 million people! [1]

So if you or your loved ones suffer from hay fever and you're wondering why when they're inside the home they keep sneezing, it's probably because pollen has blown and settled, this is why it's important to dust and hoover your home regularly to remove any dust or pollen that may affect anyone with hay fever.

2. Dust and wipe your closet: the closet..? Yes, the closet. This is the time where picking what you keep in your closet is particularly popular but it's also where we don't often think of cleaning. Our clothes often releases lint which if it accumulates often ends up looking like dust. Lint can in fact be hazardous and cause respiratory infections [2], and this is why it's important to give your closet a wipe down and a dusting. Here's a quick tip: after cleaning and letting some ventilation into your closet, try and buy or make a closet air fresher to keep your closet smelling fresh.

3. Get rid of unwanted or unused clothes: to follow up from the point above, if you're going to clean your closet then you might as well do it all, right? Donating unused or unwanted clothes helps you make space and declutter, it's also a nice way to help others.

Make sure that whatever clothes you do end up donating are in fact usable and do not have any tears or rips (unless of course, that is the style of fashion of the garment).

Donating doesn't have to be for clothes only, this can apply to toys if you have kids, shoes, books and even old CD's. Basically anything you haven't used or you know you will likely not use in the next months, it's best to donate and make space.

4. Clean cushions and mattress, including bed frame: Again, this is not something that we often do but it is a good time to focus on doing them considering the windows are more often opened and dust can easily settle. It's also an easier time to allow the mattress to get some air and dry.

If your mattress is around 7 years old it can contain about 16 million colony forming units of bacteria! [3]

For best results in cleaning mattress, sofas and any other furniture with textiles that is commonly used in the household a upholstery cleaning service would be best to kill bacteria. You can check out this service here:

5. Wipe and disinfect kitchen cupboards: this includes where you keep your plates, cutlery, pots and pans etc. Doing this will remove any build up of dust and grime, part of keeping your kitchen equipment clean is to make sure the place you keep them is also clean.

Download our FREE Cleaning Checklist for things to consider when cleaning your home:

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Download PDF • 1.26MB


So, that's our top 5 tips in how to clean your home during the summer.

Just a quick tip, you don't have to do all these things in one day but you can spread them our over a week, we do recommend you to try these as this will help keep your home safe and clean.

We offer a wide range of services including home cleaning so if you need a bit of help just give us a call.




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