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We have years of experience supporting property managers with the cleaning services of various residential buildings. We provide a range of services to upkeep the property in order to keep residents, tenants and property owners happy.

We make sure to provide property managers with monthly reports of the state and condition of the property and cleaning services, we ensure to carry out vigorous and continuous service control and with our industry technology we can keep track of on site cleaning time and schedule.

Reliable and punctual 

Tailored Schedule 

Cleaning inside and outside property

Support in keeping premises in top shape

Monthly/Weekly reporting of property conditions

Supporting services to upkeep the property

Residential building apartment blocks

What is included in this service?

This is what commercial cleaning covers and what you can expect of our cleaners:

  • Dusting (high, medium and low level)

  • Interior window cleaning (arm reach)

  • Cleaning reception/concierge area (if any)

  • Junk mail removal

  • Wiping all surface areas

  • Cleaning fire exit stairs

  • Cleaning external and internal lifts

  • Vacuum cleaning

  • Kitchen cleaning (if any)

  • Toilet Cleaning (if any)

  • Bin store sweeping (general and recycling area)

  • Car park litter picking

  • External entrance and area sweeping and litter picking

  • Reporting any hazards or damages to property

  • Floor maintenance - mop or via professional gear if requested

  • Watering the plants on a daily basis - if requested.

Now you can add antiviral sanitisation to your service that eliminates 99.9% of viruses and bacteria on high traffic areas for a healthier workspace. We can disinfect door knobs, light switches and all kinds of surfaces within the premises.

What other services we provide 

There are other services we can provide for properties such as these:

Do Cleaners know what to cover?

All cleaners have a standard checklist to follow however if you'd like to adjust or have a special request please do let us know and we'll be happy to do so.

Can i get the same cleaner every time?

Yes. We would normally make sure the same cleaner comes back so they can get used to the property and your needs.

Do you provide cleaning material

and equipment?


We can provide all cleaning material and equipment and this would be broken down in the quote. 

You can either choose to provide the cleaning material and equipment yourself or for us to provide it.

If you choose to provide the cleaning material and equipment yourself, we would send you a list of what is needed and request that you buy the exact items on the list (because out cleaning materials are professional they can end up being costly), we can supply cleaning liquids and cloths upon request for an extra charge.

If you chose to have us provide the cleaning material and equipment we will provide all that is needed and would replace equipment if necessary. All material and equipment would be long to Property Hub Services.

Please make sure that there will be a designated space for storage of the cleaning materials and equipment.

Can i request a different cleaner?

How do i pay?

Yes. If you wish to change cleaner please let us know and we can send someone new.

We will ask for feedback as to why you require a different cleaner but don't worry you don't have to explain if you don't want to.

Depending on the frequency on the service we would invoice you monthly or the very next day after the cleaning has been done. Monthly invoices are more for contracts. All payments should be done by bank transfer.

We are transparent and honest with our pricing. There is no hidden fee.

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