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Too busy to do the cleaning?

We can provide a cleaner to visit your home on a regular basis and do the cleaning for you.

Domestic cleaning is an hourly based service and  you can book a cleaner to come every week or every other week as it best suits you. We offer customised domestic services according to what you need and require.

Our cleanings are professionally trained and experienced to perform household duties on a daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. They are also reviewed, comprehensively insured, trained in health and safety and work flexible hours 7 days a week to suit your busy schedule.

Reliable and punctual 

Tailored schedule with custom checklist

One-off, weekly, fortnightly or monthly cleanings available

Health and safety trained and insured 

kitchen area with white kitchen island and dark cupboards and window view

What is included in this service?

This is what domestic cleaning covers and what you can expect of our cleaners:

  • Clean Bedrooms: dust reachable surfaces, clean mirrors, empty bins/change bin bags, hoover and/or mop the floor, wipe all skirtings.

        *Only if requested: change bedding

  • Sanitise Bathrooms: sanitise all reachable surfaces, clean the shower cabin and/or bathtub, sanitise the toilet, clean and polish mirrors, mop the floor, empty bins/change bin bags.

  • Disinfect the Kitchen: wipe and sanitise all surfaces, clean hobs and splash-back, clean microwave, vacuum and/or mop floor, empty bins/change bin bags, clean all skirtings. 

       *Only if requested: washing cutlery*

        Note: professional and thorough oven and fridge cleaning is not included in the service

        but is available upon request for additional charge 

  • Living room: dust/polish all reachable surfaces, wipe all surface furniture, empty bins/change bin bags, hoover and/or mop the floor, clean skirtings.

  • Wipe Hallways & Staircases: dust off reachable surfaces, wipe skirting boards, wipe bannisters, hoover and/or mop the floor.

*Only if requested:  inside window cleaning up to a reachable height, fold/organise clothes in wardrobes, water plants, do laundry, hang laundry and even do the ironing.

bathroom showing bathtub, toilet and sink

You can now request us to perform Antiviral Sanitisation to eliminate 99% of the germs and viruses in your home! 

What other services we provide 

There are other services we can provide for your home:

(particularly for toilets and kitchen)

(for patio or garage)


who provides the cleaning material and equipment?

You would need to provide the cleaning material and equipment (this includes hoover, cloths, cleaning chemicals etc..) as the cleaner will use whatever is available at your home.  

However, we can provide all cleaning material and equipment, if you'd like us to do this please let us know so we can break it down in the quote.

Please make sure that there will be a designated space for storage of the cleaning materials and equipment.

Can i get the same cleaner every time?

Yes. We would normally make sure the same cleaner comes back as long as you are able to keep your usual day and time. This will also help the cleaner get used to the property and your needs. 

is there a contract?

There are no contracts involved. We only ask you to give us a week in advance or 24 hours notice if you want to terminate your regular cleaning service. If you need to skip 1 or 2 visits just let us know before your next appointment.

How do i pay?

We would normally invoice you the day after the cleaning is done. If we have agreed beforehand, the money could be given to the cleaner in an envelope.

We are transparent and honest with our pricing. There is no hidden fee.

Can I change the date and time of my house cleaning service?

Yes, we will first check the availability of your current cleaner and see if they can come at another time. We can send another cleaner in case yours isn’t available.

I need some extra hours of cleaning this week, is that possible?

Yes, just let us know when and we will be happy to arrange this for you. Please note that your usual cleaner might not be available but we can send an equally experienced professional.

What happens if my cleaner is sick or on holiday?

We will make sure to inform you and arrange for another cleaner to be sent to your property.

What are the hours of work?

We are open Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm, but our services can be arranged according to what best suits you but we encourage you to try and book the cleaning between Monday to Saturday during the day to give our cleaners some rest too.

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