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Cleaning a greasy oven can be quite tiring and time consuming, so why not leave it to us?

We can remove all grease and leave your oven sparkling clean just tell us when you'd like us to come over and we'll get it done. 

What is included in this service?

We would remove all racks within the oven and apply our degreasing chemical and disinfect the inside and outside of the oven. 

The racks would also be degreased and cleaned.

We will also remove the inside glass from the oven and remove the grease and clean the glass.

*We can also provide degreasing and cleaning for extractors as well as for your other appliances. 

person wiping internal area of oven with sponge

What other services we provide 

There are other services you can mix with the oven cleaning:


how much do i have to wait to use the oven after the cleaning?

You can use the oven straight after the job is finished.

We are transparent and honest with our pricing. There is no hidden fee.

will you bring all the equipment and material?

Yes. You won't have to worry about providing anything, we will bring all the material and equipment we need to carry out the job.

how long does the cleaning take?

Normally the cleaning takes about an hour but this may vary depending on the condition of the oven. The cleaner will let you know how much time they need once on site. 

how do i pay?

We will invoice you after the job is done. We take bank transfers only.

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