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Backyard Washing



At Property Hub Services, we understand that your building is a reflection of your business.

This is not only true internally, but externally as well. We can provide high power pressure washing (also known as jet washing) to improve the exterior of your building, keeping smokers area, paths and car parks spotlessly clean to create the right impression to those who visit your business.


Pressure washing can also produce excellent results cleaning outdoor patios, decking and garage for your home or your business place.​​

We can organise an ongoing cleaning programme to keep your exterior looking its best or a one off clean when you feel it is required.

Water coming from jet washing machine to clean dirty pavement floor

How is this carried out?

We use a powerful machine that spays water at a high speed allowing it to remove dirt from concrete and hard floors. Heads up, it can get pretty loud!


For this type of service we require only a water supply as the machine itself runs on gas.

Our trained staff knows how to handle the machine and how to clean to product the best results.

NOTE: it's important to note that how long the cleaning takes depends on the size of the area you want cleaned.

What other services we provide 

There are other services we can provide for your home:


do the cleaners know what they are doing?

Yes. The cleaner sent would be trained to carry out the work and would have also been trained in health and safety.

how long does it take?

This all depends on the size of the area you'd like cleaned. The bigger the area the more time but we will let you know roughly when we give you the quotation.

How do i pay?

We would normally invoice you the day after the cleaning is done. We take bank transfers only.

We are transparent and honest with our pricing. There is no hidden fee.

what's the best time to use this service?

We recommend to book us during the daytime hours as the machine can produce aloud noise and this would avoid disturbing the neighbours. Weather also plays a part as it's best to do it when there is no rain to be able to tell the difference on what areas have been done or not.

Do i have to be around?

No. Because this specific service takes place outside there is no need for you to stick around unless you want to of course. We would only need you to show us where the water access point is.

is it safe for my property?

Yes. This method of cleaning your external property is safe and efficient. We guarantee you will notice the difference of before and after.

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