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3 Things You Need To Know About Face Masks

Riddle: We can't leave the house or go anywhere without it and you can't get in anywhere unless you have it. What it is?

Yes, that's right. Face masks.

Face masks have become part of our every day life, an extra accessory to our outfits and as necessary as our phones.

This is why we thought we should share three things you ought to know about face masks.

1. Fabric Matters

We have seen different types and styles of face masks emerge made from different types of fabric. It's important to make sure that whatever mask you chose to wear is one that is breathable.

Since you'll mostly be wearing it in indoor places, and for many of us this includes the underground, it's important to be sure you can actually breathe.

This is why the material of your mask is important.

face mask material

2. Keep It Clean

There are two types of masks: ones that should only be used once (for example surgical face masks) and ones that can be reused (typically hand made ones or ones made with cloth material). Of course there is the all famous N95 respiratory mask, which is the best but realistically not everyone has them.

Now, let's be honest, who hasn't reused a disposable mask? I know I have.

However, if we are trying to keep safe according to the FDA it is advised that you should not reuse a disposable mask this is because these masks were specifically made with the purpose of being disposed after use. But if you must reusing a disposable mask make sure you sanitise it but not with liquid sanitiser as you will inhale this later.

For reusable ones, well that's a little simpler, make sure you keep it clean.

The easiest way is to stick it in the washing machine using high temperature water as this will kill any bacteria or germs, you can then dry it in the dryer or leave it out to dry. Alternatively you can also wash it by hand just make sure you use hot water.

It is recommended that reusable face masks should be clean after every use.

how to washing face mask

3. Avoid Touching It

Once you have the mask on it's important to make sure you're not touching it unless you have washed or sanitised your hands, this is to avoid any contamination to the mask which will ultimately mean contact with your face.

So make your mask is comfortably placed before you go or sanitise your hands before adjusting or handling it.


We hope these three things you need to know about face masks was helpful. We will probably have to carry our face masks for the foreseeable future but now we know how to take care of us a little better.

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