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Lockdown Lift 2021: What does cleaning look like now?

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Today marks a historic milestone with our fight against COVID as we come out of lockdown (I'm sure we will be telling our grandchildren about what we did after almost a year of lockdown). And while most of us are looking forwards to nights out, drinks at the pub and even going back to the gym - Lord knows I definitely need the exercise! - there is one thing this pandemic has taught us and that is that cleaning is important.

We'll be looking at three ways in which cleaning has changed after COVID and how to ensure we keep safe at home or even at work.

Are cleaners and cleaning services still necessary?

The answer to that question is: yes!

Despite the confusion of who were considered essential workers, cleaners were part of keeping London moving, keeping hospitals safe, keeping public spaces clean and even keeping care homes disinfected. Cleaners were essential workers and still remain essential workers.

It is clear however that most people are now working from home and while some may be coming back to the office others will probably be working from home for a while. This brings up the question: is cleaning service necessary for you?

It has been reported that people who work from home are putting in more hours of work which means that although you may be spending more time at home it doesn't necessarily mean you have the time to do housework such as cleaning.

And this is why cleaners and cleaning services are essential to helping keep your home and workspace clean and disinfected while you work, so yes, we highly suggest you invest in cleaning services.

How has cleaning changed?

Everything has slightly changed since this pandemic has started and it'll be a while before we can move around without masks or hand sanitizers in our pockets, the same is true for cleaning. Like we previously mentioned, cleaning is not so much an option as it is essential now more than ever both for hygiene and for protection, this is why part of the cleaning process is to ensure both you and the cleaner are COVID free (this can be done by a simple COVID test) and to ensure social distance as well as protection - the use of mask.

Of course, this is if you decide to use a cleaner at all.

However, whether you do or you don't these are the three ways in which cleaning has changed and how you can take care of yourself:

1. Changing Habits

Living in lockdown has forced us to change habits.

We now don't leave the house without our mask, we've learned to wash out hands wherever we go and to keep distance.

Our cleaning habits also have to change.

This means we must

  • Clean our house more often (we suggest at least twice a week)

  • Wipe surfaces with antibacterial

  • Sanitize or wash incoming objects (things you brought for shopping such as washing apples in case others have touched them, or wiping drink bottles to remove any bacteria)

  • Dust the house more frequently (part of the new government guidelines is to keep windows open meaning more dust is likely to get in)

2. Maintaining

The vaccine against COVID is being made available however this does not mean COVID no longer exists or that it won't still affect us, this is why maintaining our good cleaning habits is important.

Make sure that you are still washing your hands, that you are disinfecting surfaces and that you are keeping your house and workspace clean. If you pick up the habit of scheduling a cleaning day or two make sure you stick to it and if you don't have time then definitely invest in cleaning services.

3. Value

Time is valuable.

This is why it's important for you to spend time on the things that will benefit you most.

Cleaning doesn't have to be boring or tedious so if you decide to do your own cleaning, make sure you set some time aside or even try to turn it into a family activity by getting everyone involved, you could even push your luck and turn it into a friendly catch up activity, clean as you gossip away!

But if you rather spend your time doing other things like enjoying the lockdown lift then do find a cleaner that can take care of your household and workspace.


Remember, cleaning is not an option, it is essential!

Change your habits, Maintain those habits and value your time.

And should you need some cleaning services we are just a phone all or email away.



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