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Cleaning company vs Independent Cleaner - Which one to choose?

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

We all want to pay less and get more but when it comes to cleaning, is this really the best way to go around it?

Here we'll be looking at the pros and cons for choosing a cleaning company or an independent cleaner. It is important to note that you should consider your situation and expectations when making this decision and while we are a cleaning company we will look to answer this question from a customers point of view. All the following information will apply to cleaning services for homes, offices and commercial spaces.

Cleaning Company - Pros

1. Attention to Detail

Cleaning companies will be more concerned in details as this will reflect on their services. They will already have a cleaning checklist and schedule in place of what the cleaning will involve, which the cleaner will be aware of and trained in. Cleaning companies will also ensure to check the cleaning standards and often have a guaranteed promise to come back and redo the work if the customer is not satisfied with no extra fee to the client.

2. Trustworthy Because cleaning companies are responsible for their staff they are thorough in doing background checks, confirming experience and doing intentional interviews before taking on a cleaner to represent their company. This is important to customers like you because it means that should anything go missing or an incident occurs then the company will take responsibility for their staff. This also makes cleaning companies more trustworthy and reliable.

3. Replacement

Cleaners are humans and just like you and me there are certain situations that can arise which can affect the cleaning services such as last minute emergencies or illnesses.

Cleaning companies in this case make it easier on the customer as they will provide a replacement (who is also trained and vetted) should the normal cleaner be unavailable to attend meaning the cleaning is not effected, the quality remains the same and the customer is satisfied.

4. Safer

Companies strive to make customer happy and therefore are a more secure option should issues arise as they will ensure to deal with any problem in order to keep their reputation in tact.

5. Discount for Other Services

Cleaning companies often offer their existing customers their other services at a discounted price. This is highly beneficial should you need carpet cleaning, window cleaning or high pressure washing cleaning, since you already trust the company it would be easier than finding someone else to do it

6. Insured

Being insured is important, this is a safety net should the worst occur.

Cleaning companies are by law instructed to be ensures (always check your cleaning company is in fact insured by asking for insurance certificate), this means they are covered for damages, incidents and workers injuries. This is beneficial to you as a customer as this will take away the responsibility of you covering any claims.

7. Legal

Cleaning companies must train their staff not only in the cleaning service side but also in health and safety, this includes the dangers of certain chemicals and how to keep themselves and those around them safe. Companies are also legally responsible in paying holidays and pension for their staff and checking if staff are legally allowed to work in the country which is important as the client would not have to worry about it.

Cleaning Companies - Cons

1. Price

Yes, the price is a little higher but considering what you are getting (list above) it's really a fair amount. Besides, you get what you pay for, so although it may be a little more on price it's definitely more value for money.

2. Interchanging Staff

As much as we would all like a Mrs. Doubtfire with us for the rest of our lives the truth is in a cleaning company, just like any other company, staff is not permanent. This is also true for independent cleaners. People often move away or find another place of work, so if you're looking for that one person for the rest of your life it is highly unlikely you'll find that.

Independent Cleaner - Pros

1. Cheaper

Independent cleaners are cheaper this is due to that you as a customer would be paying them per hour of work on the rate you and the cleaner have agreed upon

2. Same Cleaner

The same person would be attending to your cleaning needs meaning they'll get to know you and you will get to know

Independent Cleaner - Cons

1. Cleaning Schedule

Because the cleaner will be working for you, you will be responsible to create the cleaning schedule and also ensure they are sticking to it, you will in the end add more work to yourself by becoming both client and manager.

2. Background

You as a customer will have to take the time to do their background check, confirm their experience, work permit and do the interview, all the while not having the resources to confirm if what they are claiming is true. Remember just because someone is friendly doesn't mean they are reliable in their work. There have been many good and bad experiences, so ultimately it's a roll of the dice. In the end you will have to take their word for it and trust they won't end up playing you or worse stealing from you.

3. No Backup

Since this cleaner will be your only cleaner if there is an issue or an emergency in which they cannot attend, you'll have to end up doing the cleaning yourself or wait for them, alternatively you could find a replacement cleaner at the last minute which can end up being more expensive.

4. Other Services

Your independent cleaner will most likely be just a cleaner and not trained for any other services you may require, this means for any other services you'll have to find a company and pay the full amount.

5. Legal

With an independent cleaner you will become both their client and employer meaning you will have to carry the weight of some legal requirements (unless you decide to do things under the table in which case, at some point can have repercussion).

Should your independent cleaner have an injury you will be liable for covering compensation and damages and should any issue arise or damages done to your property the cleaner is not liable to cover such damages, in the end you really do pay the price.


We have heard stories from different people - mostly from our clients - who have had bad experiences both with companies (not us, thank God!) and with independent cleaners.

In the end it is a choice you as a customer will make to decide which one is best for you.

Our advice will always be to go for cleaning companies as this puts less weight and pressure on you, you will also be more secure and you will also be helping local businesses strive in creating jobs.

If you need any more advice please do contact us as we are always happy to help and answer your questions.

And should you need to look for a cleaning company you know where to find us! Click Here to see our full range of services



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