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Valentine's Day Cleaning Gift

Valentine's day 2022 cleaning gift

Valentine's day is a special day to shower those we love with gifts and affection (though it should be an every day thing). One thing most people forget is that after going out for dinner, after the actual date you will probably end up going back home.

Is the house clean?

Are the bed sheets changed?

Have you washed the dishes?

We can turn your home into a lovely place for your valentine's celebration, alternately you can try the following for a quick clean before your valentine's date:

Change Bedding

This is important to make sure there are no lingering smells and there's nothing like fresh sheets and bedding for a special night.

You can try and spray a fragrance on top to give it that special something.

Air the Room

Our noses can get used to our own smell, this is why it's important to air out your whole flat or house once in a while, but specially on days like these.

Open widows and leave them for 30 minutes at least.

Pay special attention to both the living room and the bedroom.

Clean the Room

It's visually attractive to walk into a room that's clean and tidy.

Plus, placing candles around a messy room just doesn't have the same effect, so definitely spend time dusting and wiping surfaces. Putting things away in cupboards and drawers and don't forget the floor.

Things may end up on the floor so give it a good vacuuming and mopping if necessary.

Clean the Living Room

Hopefully you'll spend some time in talking or having a bit of wine, this is why it's important your living room is set for the occasion.

Wipe surfaces, put things in order, put the laundry away and vacuum (mop if necessary).

And here's a quick trick: vacuum your sofa and spray a little fragrance on it.

Clean Toilet & Bathroom

At some point your date or wife may need to use the toilet and there's nothing that can kill the mood than a dirty toilet.

Make sure you disinfect, give the toilet a good clean and refill toilet paper.

The same goes for the bathroom, they may need a shower in the morning and you don't want them seeing hairs or dirt in the bathtub or shower.

Give your bathroom a good clean, wiping the taps and even rearranging the shampoos and products on site.

A quick tip: Make sure you give the glass partition and windows a good wipe, clean glass and windows have the effect of making the bathroom look clean.

Clean Kitchen

How much time you spend on the kitchen depends on whether you're thinking of doing some cooking on Valentine's day with breakfast for them the next day or whether you're just going to take them out.

Regardless you do need to spend some time clearing the dishes, wiping countertops and making sure it looks clean just in case they pop into kitchen for a glass of water.

Get Air freshener or Incense

Smell can be a turn on or turn off so definitely spend some money on air fresheners or incense that can get your place smelling great.


Get your place ready to set the tone for later.

If you're thinking of getting candles try and get scented candles and place them in safe areas around your place, maybe sprinkle a couple of rose pedals in the bed.

Get the cushions in the sofa sorted and if you're thinking of giving them chocolates have them stored in the fridge or somewhere safe.

P.S A lovely note or letter is a bonus.


Having a clean house can make the valentine's date go smoother.

We want you to have a wonderful Valentine's day and so we are offering a 10% discount for our one-off cleaning service should you want someone else to take care of the cleaning while you plan everything else.

Get in touch with us and quote: PHUBVALENTINE for the discount.

*Applicable only for Valentine's day purposes*

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