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How We Carry Out Antiviral Disinfection

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

The world has changed since the COVID-19 outbreak and now more than ever, specially with the rising in COVID cases, we must be cautious and careful to protect our loved ones and those around us.

It can be scary to think of returning to work or even to open up your home for gatherings and we understand the concerns of preventing spreading of this virus but we also understand that people miss the interaction with others, this is why we offer our Antiviral Disinfection services to help you meet up with friends and loved once again while making sure of everyone's safety.

This is how we carry out Antiviral Disinfection

What is Antiviral Disinfection

Antiviral disinfection is a cleaning method which focuses on killing viruses, bacteria, fungi and any other microorganism. It is done by using a special solution that is sprayed onto surfaces.

What does Antiviral Disinfection do

Antiviral kills 99.99% of bacteria, virus and fungi. By using our certified special designed fogging machine along with specialized chemical solution we can help kill microscopic organism on any surface.

The chemicals we use to carry out the disinfection are Eco-friendly, non-toxic and pass BS EN 1276 and BS EN 13704.

This disinfection process is suitable for domestic and commercial (work, home and other types of) properties and is efficient in ensuring your place is fully decontaminated.

How long will it be

A trained technician will arrive at the designated property and using the specialized fogging machine will then spray the antiviral disinfectant chemical solution across all surfaces, killing any and all microorganism.

How long the process takes depends on the size of the property but normally should take around 1-2 hours.

Once the disinfectant has been sprayed, the technician would then let the solution work for 30 minutes, allowing the solution to kill all microorganisms. The technician then will wipe any surface area to remove residue that could leave marks on your surfaces.

When will it be done

You can decide when you would like the disinfection to be carried out. However, we suggest that in order to avoid disruptions with work or home life, the service would be best carried out when the premises are empty and unlikely to be used for a couple of hours. This will prevent you from waiting around and allow our technician to focus on the job.

How long do I have to wait before entering the premises again

Once the service has been completed we would notify you. We suggest to let the process of disinfection run for at least an hour before using the premises after our visit.


Don't forget you can always get in touch with us about a FREE quotation on Antiviral Disinfection Services. Click here to see more about this service and others we offer.

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