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CLEANER VS HOUSEKEEPER: What is the difference between a cleaner and a housekeeper?

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

To consider what cleaning services best suit your needs at home, it's important to know the difference between a cleaner and a housemaid.

There are huge differences in terms or workload, time and money but also in terms of expectations, so let's get to it:


A cleaner is someone who comes to your home for a couple of hours (3-5hrs) once or twice a week, depending on your desired schedule.

Their role is simple: Clean.

They are not responsible for tidying up or organizing things but to clean your home, this means they are highly unlikely to move personal items but will clean around them, this is because cleaners only come once or twice a week, they have a lot more to do in a small amount of time.

Things they are responsible include:

  • Cleaning the Kitchen: this means wiping and disinfecting all surfaces including countertops and tables. They wipe and disinfect microwave internally but only wipe and clean appliances externally such as kettle, toaster etc. They clean your kitchen stove, descale and disinfect your sink, vacuum and mop floor.

  • Cleaning the Toilet: dusting, wiping and disinfecting all surfaces, cleaning and disinfecting toilet bowl and toilet sink. Vacuum and mop floor.

  • Cleaning the Bathroom: dusting, wiping and disinfecting all surfaces, wiping mirrors, cleaning bathtub or shower space. Vacuuming and mopping floor.

  • Cleaning the Living room: dusting and wiping surfaces including windowsills, vacuuming and mopping floor if necessary.

  • Cleaning the Dining room: dusting and wiping surfaces, disinfecting dining room table and dusting chairs. Vacuuming and mopping floor if necessary.

  • Cleaning Bedrooms: Dusting surfaces including windowsills, wiping and disinfecting all surfaces. Wiping and cleaning any mirrors. Vacuum and mopping if necessary.

  • Cleaning Corridors: Dusting surfaces and wiping surfaces. Vacuum and mop is necessary.

If you have special requirements to the service always ask the company or cleaner you are using to find out if they can and are willing to fulfill your requirements.

Need help finding a cleaner? Contact us so we can help.


A housekeeper is someone who spends 3-5 days a week in your home and has more time (roughly 30-40hrs a week) to dedicate to the upkeep of your home, oftentimes housekeepers live in residence.

Their role is more diverse and can include cleaning, tidying up, organizing and ironing and folding clothes.

Because housekeepers have a lot more time, they can do a lot more than a normal cleaner including changing sheets, placing dishes in the dishwasher (or washing dishes) and in some cases they can even cook for you (always check if this is something your housekeeper can do).

Things they are responsible include:

  • Cleaning and maintaining the Kitchen: this means cleaning the kitchen, appliances, stove, sink and floor. Putting dishes in the dishwasher (or washing dishes), placing cutlery in its place, keeping the kitchen orderly and tidy.

  • Cleaning and maintaining the Toilet: cleaning toilet bowl, toilet sink, floor, cupboards and cabinets. Refilling toilet paper, replacing hand towels and air fresheners.

  • Cleaning and maintaining the Bathroom: cleaning bathroom and keeping things tidy. Changing towels if necessary and doing laundry.

  • Cleaning and maintaining the Living room and dining room: cleaning and keeping all things organized and in order.

  • Cleaning and maintaining Bedrooms: Cleaning bedroom, changing sheets, keeping bedroom orderly.

  • Other: Cooking, taking out the rubbish, cleaning all windows, ironing and folding clothes, picking up toys etc.

Housekeepers are there not only to keep your house clean but to also help around the house with chores you don't have time for.

Need help finding a housekeeper? Contact us for help.


Both services offer a unique support, and it all depends on what your needs and what your budget is. It's important to understand what you should expect from each service in accordance with the time given this will help you manage your expectations.

And as a rule of thumb, always speak to your cleaner or cleaning company to see what they offer and if they can carry out the specific requirements you may have but do bare in mind this may be reflected in the overall price.

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