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5 Back To School Cleaning Tips For Parents

As a parent you're either excited that your children are heading back to school or you're already stressing out about the hassle of buying new books, new clothes, new uniform et.

We have kids in our family so trust me when we say: We totally understand!

This is why we have decided to make your life a little bit easier by giving you 5 quick cleaning tips that we ourselves apply at our home.

So here it is, 5 Back to School Cleaning Tips for Parents just like you:


When was the last time you had a look into your kids bags?

It's important to give their bags a clean, now if you're child is clean well, good for you! But if your child is anything like mine you'll find sweet rappers with melted sweets, pencil shavings and God knows what else.

This is why we recommend giving their bookbags or school bags a wash. If you can pop it into the washing machine the better if not you can always give it a dusting and a wipe.

The same is true for their desk or workspace. It's important to make sure it's a place that is clear and clean for them to start the new year.

We recommend clearing out any old books from previous years which they may not need and are taking up space and even disposing of old broken stationary and notebooks. All this will give it that fresh new start feeling!


You have probably realized by now that kids grow up fast!!

One minute they're all small and cute and the next they're overshadowing you. This is why it's important to make sure they start their new school year by clearing out their closet and wardrobe. Clearing out the clothes that don't fit any more makes space for the new clothes and fashion trends. You can donate the clothes that don't fit (or if you do what I do, you can hand them down to their little brother or sister or a cousin as long as it's useable of course).

Make sure to give the spaces a wipe and dust down before putting back the clothes they will be using.


Just like the point above, it's also important to check what shoes fit and what shoes need to go. We recommend clearing and donating if possible and giving the show box (we say shoe box because my children store their shoes in a large plastic box underneath their beds) and make sure to clean and wipe the surfaces as shows tend to bring in dirt and mud and it's unlikely your kids clean that area often.


There is nothing quite like a clean desk or space to do your work. You may find this is true with your own work space and the same is true when it comes to the educational learning space. This is why we recommend a deep clean of their desk or study space, organizing items and stationary to allow more room. We also encourage you to let your child do the cleaning and organizing as this will give them a habit of cleanliness and also take on some responsibility for their own healthy space.


It's important for us as parents to communicate the safety precautions our kids need to apply in order to keep them safe. Children in general tend to be a bit nonchalant about their hygiene and safety that is why we recommend providing them all the tools they need such as a facemask and their own hand sanitizer. Although this isn't directly a cleaning tip it does help you in the long term in keeping your household safe, which is what we want for you too.


We hope you have found this tips helpful and that you try them out at home.

We understand how stressful going back to school can be for you and for the kids, we want to help you by taking care of all your cleaning needs. Call us for a FREE quotation on 02039503805 or you can email us on

Wishing you and the children all the best in this new year school!

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