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Best Tips On How To Clean Your Home Office

Updated: May 9, 2022

5 Tips on how to best clean your home office space in 2022

Ever since COVID, the idea of working from home has now become a considerable option bringing benefits both to businesses (depending on the business) and staff. With a large number of people working from home it's important your work space is kept clean and clear for productivity, this is why our cleaning expects suggest having someone with experience do the cleaning however should you want to do it yourself, we have come up with tips for keeping your home office clean.

These are our 5 best tips for cleaning your home office space in 2022.

Tip #1 - Disinfect Surface

Bacteria and virus can remain on surfaces for a long time so it's crucial to not only wipe surface with a damp cloth but to use a certified disinfectant.

Make sure to follow disinfectant instructions, a common mistake is to apply the disinfectant and wipe immediately however most disinfectants require the solution to be left on surface for at least 5 minutes to work.

Tip #2 - Dust and Clean Keyboard, Phone and Screen

Surfaces include your keyboard, work phone and computer screen and these need a thorough cleaning too. First make sure to dust them down with a duster before giving them a wipe with disinfectant.

  • Computer Screen: disinfectant can be used on the computer screen if done carefully, but you can also use a computer screen cleaner. Make sure you wipe the screen and body of the computer or laptop.

  • Keyboard: a great way to remove any small particles between the keys without tearing your keyboard apart is to turn your keyboard upside down and give it a quick shake. You can then spray disinfectant on a cloth and wipe your keyboard down, do use disinfectant generously on the cloth so that enough disinfectant can do the job without actually spraying in onto the keyboard.

  • Phone: if you are using a personal mobile phone you easily give it a wipe with a cloth, however if you are using a house phone we suggest a similar process as with the keyboard. Spray enough disinfectant on a cloth and give a thorough wipe including the phone handle.

Fogging is a great way to ensure all surfaces including your screen, keyboard and phone are disinfected.

Tip #3 - Declutter and Organize Desk

Decluttering your desk from unused items or paperwork allows you to create space while organizing your desk allows you to keep that space clear.

We suggest organizing your workspace weekly by sorting out paperwork in an orderly fashion or having an arranged location for files. It's good to build the habit of putting things back in order once you have finished, this helps keep your workspace tidy most of the time. For example putting pens, files and even coffee mugs back in their designated place.

"An organized workspace helps with productivity." – Gladys Tapia, Cleaning Expert

Tip #4 - Clean and Organize Drawers

It's so easy to intentionally or in many cases unintentionally stash the external mess by hiding it in our drawers or cupboards, to avoid having messy drawers and cupboards which will eventually expand out to our external workspace it's best to clean and organize our drawers and cupboards.

There are many ways to organize but always make sure to get rid of items which you are not using or you know you won't be using.

Tip #5 - Vacuum

The most obvious but still often the most missed cleaning habit: Vacuum.

Make sure you take the time to carefully vacuum your workspace, including those areas you often miss. You can also use your vacuum to give your office chair a quick clean.

If your work space is hard flooring (not carpeted) then we also recommend mopping after vacuuming.


Setting a time aside for cleaning helps create a healthy hygienic habit, applying these 5 tip for cleaning your home office can help your productivity.

We understand you may have too much on your plate, so if you ever need help with your cleaning get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.

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