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Hayfever: Cleaning Tips to Reduce Pollen at Home

If you're like me you have a hate/love relationship with spring/summer, you enjoy the sun and the warm weather but at the same time you hate the side effects of hayfever, the itchy eyes, the running nose, the sneezing.

Learning to manage your hayfever is a intentional effort in order to make sure you're able to enjoy your summer. We have come up with some cleaning tips on what you can do to reduce the pollen at home (since that's the only place you can really have some control over).

*Always speak to your GP when it comes to taking medicines*

1. Keep Windows Closed

This is not so much a cleaning tip as is a general tip. Pollen is a small particle that can enter your home through an open window, the best way to stop this, is by keeping your windows closed.

Instead try and use air conditioning or fans to keep you cool and should you need to open the windows make sure you wear a mask during this time.

If possible (and you can afford it) use an air purifier to keep your home pollen free.

2. Wipe Surfaces Regularly

Cleaning is highly important during these times, specially since pollen particles can come into your home through open windows, through clothes that have been exposed to outside, this is why it's important to make sure you wipe surfaces regularly with a damp cloth to trap dust or pollen particles.

Using antibacterial surface cleaner is good but always make sure the cloth itself is damp.

3. Vacuum Regularly

Vacuuming regularly will prevent pollen to accumulate indoors, in your carpet and flooring. This is highly important specially if you have pets around due the the fact that pets can bring in pollen if they have been outside.

4. Wash Clothes Used Outside and Dry Clothes Inside

If you have been outside it's recommended that change clothes as soon as you get indoors and you wash the clothes you have used to go out as you could be bringing in pollen particles inside your home, even if you may not have been near a park. Once it has been washed, dry the clothes inside your home or using your washer dryer, do not hang the clothes outside no matter how lovely the weather is as this could defeat the purpose and bring in pollen particles inside your home within your dried clothes.

5. Shower

Yes, taking showers help with your allergies. This is because showering after coming in from outside means you wash away any pollen particles you may have picked up. This tip also applies to your pets. Pets can pick up pollen particles and bring in home in their fur, so showering (or bathing) them frequently means any pollen can be washed away instead of staying indoors.


Facing the pollen season is inevitable but can be controlled.

Cleaning is an important and intentional part of controlling your allergies, should you need help with the cleaning we can help provide you with a cleaner to get you through this pollen season. Get in touch with us for a free quotation.


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